Indoor iPhone Photography: Fixed My Mother’s Nikon Camera


Today, I decided to do a little indoor photography with my iPhone.  Unfortunately, I do not have any fresh flowers at the moment, but I did find a fake flower in my kid’s toy box.

Fixing The Nikon

As I was staging,  I thought it would be neat to take a picture of the set up using my mother’s Nikon D3200 digital camera.  Sadly, it has been over a week with my mother’s Nikon and I have yet been able to take decent pictures with it…well, until now.

Turns out, my mother had every manual setting you can imagine on and it was confusing the monkeys out of the Nikon camera which resulted in producing very awful looking images.  Nikon was so confused, its auto-focus feature wouldn’t work, you know, that green box that focuses on things.  Yeah, right now I have red boxes.  The past couple of days, I just assumed the worst, my mother’s camera was broken.  Perhaps it sat too long, unused, in the closet.  Then today, I figured I would look at it just one more time…

Why I Love Nikon

I didn’t know this, but you can bring up the manual on the Nikon D3200 digital display.  I was playing around with the settings when I stumbled upon a simple “How To” manual.  It is crazy!  I wish my kid’s game consoles had this feature!  Make life so much easier.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t really explain why my mother’s camera was doing what it was doing.  It wasn’t until I was looking at the display, while trying to take a picture of my set up, that I realized the display was crowded with icons.  Unnecessary, activated, icon settings.  Heck, that I know how to remove them!

So, I navigated my way back through settings and stumbled across another awesome feature: A RESET FEATURE!  How cool is that!  I wasn’t sure what it was a reset for, but if it resulted in getting rid of a bunch of unnecessary settings, I am in!

Turns out it did exactly what I wanted it to and now my mother’s camera is back to normal!  I got green auto-focusing boxes back again, I can use different settings, and even better, the manual mode works again!

Now, back to iPhone photography…

Picture Blog1
Nikon D3200

Staging For iPhone Photography

I do not always hold my camera and point and shoot, sometimes, I prop my iPhone on it’s side or elevate it with books.  Turns out, they do make tripods for iPhones.  Maybe if I have been good this year, Santa will buy me one!

Staging is something I love to do for indoor photography.  I love using different elements, props, and techniques.  But again, even the most simplest images are the best.  Below, it an image of a fake flower (possibly a silk Lily) and incorporates different textures such the fabric of the flower, textured wall in the background, and wood grained table (also fake).   Although not the greatest image in the world, I do find the different textures in the image do make it quite interesting.

Please comment below to let me know what you think about textures in photography! 


Quick Snap Shot: Itching For Spring Time


Our outdoor decor

The weather has kept us inside for way too long!  Today, I attempted to venture outside, but a nasty storm of freezing cold rain and wind chased me back inside.  Another day of snuggling under warm blankets binge watching Daniel Tiger on Netflix with my kiddo’s.

There are some awesome nature shots to be taken when the weather is less than favorable; however, not worth catching a cold over it, especially, being a mom.

I love rainy days, because when the sky is overcast, that is ideal for great black and white photography.   Unfortunately, today is not warm enough for outdoor photography, not even slightly cold, its just down right freezing.  The two seconds I managed to stand outside, I decided to quickly take a picture of our outdoor decor.  Basically, a clay pot of fake flowers to remind me of Spring during the Winter months.

Honestly, the image came out quite nicely.  Although not a real flower, it is still pretty.  I love seeing the fabric in which the flower is made of; it creates an interesting image.

Please let me know your thoughts!