Walking under my vehicle tire

Welcome to my photography blog!

I have a passion for photography and a surprising knack for capturing the best side of nature.  I am a landscape/wildlife photographer (as a hobby, not as a profession).

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My Blog is for everyone interested in photography.  Here I share…

  • Basic how-to photography techniques
  • Secrets to iPhone photography
  • Personal photography adventures
  • My own nature/landscape photography Portfolio

I love nature!  I enjoy the vibrant colors, serene atmosphere, and interesting patterns and textures.

My photography is interesting for that I do not use any fancy editing software.  My photography is enhanced (if needed) through basic camera settings, but never manipulated or enhanced by editing software.  Although editing software is a great tool for most professional photographers, I believe using editing software on nature photography to be an insult to nature.  Nature is beautiful and with some creative lighting, timing, and patience, nature will smile the perfect smile.

Another uniqueness to my photography is the lack of specialized photography equipment.  For the past four years, my expensive professional-style camera has been lost in storage forcing me to make-do with my personal iPhone.  Yes, I capture the best of nature with a simple iPhone!  I am certain, without a doubt, that it is not the camera that captures a beautiful shot, but the photographer looking through the lens.

I love photographing trees, plants, and flowers; however, just recently I discovered that insects and various other types of bugs love to be in the spotlight of my camera.  They have taught me to always keep my camera ready, because they always seem to show up in the most unexpected places.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I do hope you enjoy my work and photography adventures.